For Doctors

Join thousands of doctors nationwide to do what you do best: caring for and healing those in need

  • Simple process

    Search and apply to permanent, contract to hire, locum tenens, and telehealth jobs with one application.

  • Win-win for all

    Filter job searches by pay rate, date, location, and more.

  • Hassle-free

    Protean helps with all paperwork, licensing, credentialing, malpractice insurance, and payments. You can relax!

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For Nurse

Protean is your first choice to land a high-paying job.

  • One-stop registration

    Simple registration process to help you land a travel nurse, permanent, or contract role.

  • Earn more $$

    Protean will negotiate the best remuneration in line with the service and commitment that you bring to your work.

  • Personal and Professional growth

    Freedom and flexibility to take control of your career and find opportunities on your terms.

  • Travel Nurses

    Travel nursing offers personal enrichment from travels across the country, plus career advancement from diverse practice setting experiences.

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Earn More $$
- Land a High-paying Job

For Allied Healthcare Professionals

The allied health professions fall into two broad categories: technicians (assistants) and therapists/technologists.

  • Empathy will drive the career search

    At Protean, we help the professionals find the next great career destination with care and empathy. Your satisfaction means the world to us.

  • Personalized job search

    We will work with you closely to find you the best job that creates a perfect work-life balance.

  • Earn more $$

    Protean is a full life cycle recruitment service offered at no cost to you. Maximum ROI of your time only.

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96% of Employers

replied that they had used locum tenens physicians or advanced practitioners within the previous 12 months

Source: 2017 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends

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