What does Protean mean?

pro•te•an is an adjective derived in the 1590s, from Greek Prōteus, sea god (son of Oceanus and Tethys) who could change his form; his name is literally "first," from prōtos "first". It means versatile, adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted, or multitalented.

When and why was Protean founded?

ProteanMed Inc. is a private company that started during the COVID-19 pandemic to ease the onus of healthcare staffing. We admire and salute all healthcare professionals committed to fighting diseases, exemplifying the word sacrifice, and healing the world. The goal of healthcare professionals is to provide safe, high quality, and compassionate healthcare to those in need. The world is now facing seemingly insurmountable challenges with outbreaks of diseases compounding the already complex healthcare system with mountains of paperwork and cumbersome processes. The need for clinicians is increasing rapidly, forcing every facility across the world scrambling to find qualified professionals.

Protean is built to ease healthcare staffing.

What does Protean do?

Protean helps healthcare professionals do what they love best: caring for and healing those in need. Protean helps hospitals and clinics fill critical positions with ease so that they may focus on serving their communities.

What differentiates Protean?

Protean is committed to simplifying and reducing the burden on these healthcare professionals and thereby on the system. We built this company to streamline the process of healthcare staffing to the click of a few buttons. We are committed to replacing the expensive, chaotic, and complicated healthcare staffing system with an affordable, simple, modern, and friendly platform that works for the seekers and employers.

In which states can I find jobs on Protean?

Protean is built to ease the staffing industry for nursing professionals. We are meeting the demands and adding more states and opportunities continuously. We are moving fast and adding more states often!