What types of clinical jobs can I post?

Protean is here to help you meet your staffing needs. From short-term vacation coverage, Locum tenens need in rural areas, to permanent placements, we can meet and even exceed your expectations.

  • Part-time / temporary doctor jobs (locum tenens)
  • Telehealth jobs
  • Travel nursing jobs
  • Permanent jobs

All job roles are welcome.

Can I view the jobs that are posted?

Yes, in the ‘action links’ dropdown beneath your login name there is an option to ‘manage jobs’. You can see all of the jobs you have posted and can edit one or all of them from this page.

How do I post a job?

Click on "Post Jobs" from the home page or ‘manage jobs’ (in the ‘action links’ beneath your login name) in the top right corner of any page on the site.

Can I post the same job openings in multiple locations?

Each job posting must have a single zip code listed for the location. If you would like to add additional locations, you must submit a new job for each location.

How do I renew my job posting?

All job postings are for 30 days. Prior to the expiration date of your posting, you can go to the ‘manage jobs’ section (in the ‘action links’ beneath your login name) and click on the ‘refresh active jobs to today’s date’.

How much do you charge for a job posting?

Currently, we are offering job postings for free to employers.

How much do you charge as a hiring fee?

We offer 2 models – Traditional recruiter-based model and database subscription model.

  1. Traditional Recruiter-based model – Once we have the MSA in place, we will collect the job details. source and present suitable profiles, coordinate interviews, and manage the hiring process. The fee for this service will be based on the size and volume of the client's needs.
  2. Subscription-based model – We are in the process of building a robust platform with a database of clinicians seeking jobs and matching them to the jobs posted by potential employers. Currently, we are offering the job posting and the database search as free for our clients. If you hire any clinician from our database, we will be charging a reassignment fee based on the specialty of the clinician and the type of job offered.