What is travel nursing?

The US is currently facing a shortage in nursing professionals and employers are scrambling to meet the pandemic needs. Travel nurses help fill this gap at medical facilities nationwide.


  • Additional, supplemental Income — Extra $$$$
  • Your time, your work – gives you the flexibility and control over your work schedule.
  • Never get bored — exposure to medical practices across the nation
  • Chance to explore — helps you make a nice transition into retirement or from residency
  • Pay it forward —treat the needy in understaffed rural areas

Duration: Anywhere from 12 weeks to long-term

Employers: Hospitals, private practices, clinics, etc in urban or rural settings.

What types of nurses can join us?

Anyone with a valid license to work in the United Statesis welcome to join us. All nurses must be graduates of an accredited nursing program in the U.S. or Canada and must have a valid license or certification.

Is there a minimum experience needed to be a travel nurse?

Depends on the location, employer needs, and market conditions.

Have you heard about Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC)?

https://www.ncsbn.org/nurse-licensure-compact.htm Nurses living in one of 29 statesare eligible to apply for a multi-state nursing license to practice in all those states according to Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC).

What about travel and housing costs?

Yes. Proteanwill work with the travel nurses and locum tenens for travel-related reimbursement and generous stipends for housing and utilities.